Weekly Blog 6— DoubleTake Projections Work Placement


After a further look into the Graphic Design role at Rangers I decided to apply and see what happens.

To apply for this role I needed to create a CV, Portfolio and a Cover Letter — needed for my submission too.

DoubleTake again, were very good and allowed me to work on this througghoput the week and even organised a mock interview for me later on — assuming io get that far in the process.


I created this portfolio for my application, The CV And Cover letter can be found on my Moodle submission.

Im extremely proud of this portolio as it shows my range and niche area of design and i think it fits the role at Rangers very well.


My boss and the other designers at DoubleTake were very impressed with my application for the job and even saying that i might genuinely have a chance of getting it.

I myself, am very happy with it as it it also a kind of dream job — being a Rangers fan!



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