Weekly Blog 8— DoubleTake Projections Work Placement


This week I spent, prepping for the interview, I made some notes on the brief and some stats about the the club from a business stand point so I can put across I have a business head as well as a design one.

I Wasnt feeling too nervous for the interview, reminding myself ive got nothing to lose out of this experience.


Some notes i made from the brief, showing what thought was important to focus on

About you

Real desire to succeed

Ability to maximise opportunities

Love to learn

Willingness to constantly develop

See Rangers as the dream to showcase your talents and learn how to develop these in a business environment

About Rangers

Everyone Anyone https://www.rangers.co.uk/feature/everyone-anyone/2ZBjduOOlp8IIzOGNJ6ilF

You see Rangers being the Champions of Europe in driving diversity and inclusion — this means the world to you

Recent events have brought everything Rangers do into focus — we have a platform to drive home the biggest victory for everyone

Expansion https://www.rangers.co.uk/article/rangers-to-build-new-edmiston-house-for-150th-anniversary-year/XALqIkzTZu0pZw6PTGqRs

Mention how excited you are at the prospect to influence how the club builds for the future — the development will host a diverse range of events!

Social Media Platform https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/6108087/rangers-outperform-celtic-august-social-media/


Unfortunately I didn’t get the job, but i have absolutely became a better designer from this experience and now I can meet a standard of work where i can compete with other designers for competitive roles.

I need to wait a few weeks for m0re specific feedback from Rangers

But i feel like my interview is what let me down, it was a failry tense interview — at least i thought it was!



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